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The conference is the first meeting of the society for neuro-oncology Sub-Saharan Africa (SNOSSA), a society that is formed to improve the outcomes of patients with brain and spinal cord tumors in the Sub-Saharan Africa region and to also give them hope.

The meeting will provide an avenue for education on brain/spinal cord tumors, collaboration among participants, interaction between clinicians and patient’s advocates, and development of a blue print to foster better care for patients with brain and spinal cord tumors in the region.

It is open to all the clinical specialists that care for brain tumor patients, general practitioners/family physicians, patient advocates, and policy makers,

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Date: July 22nd & 23rd


Clinicians – $75

Patient Advocates – $50

Venue: Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria




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Please let us know if you will require invitation letters for visa processing. This will be easier for us to issue when you are registered for the meeting.  We are working with the Continental Association of African Neurological Societies (CAANS) and to see how The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs can assist in confirming registered delegates to their foreign embassies in order to expedite the issuing of Visas were possible.

It will be helpful to immediately apply for Visas as Visas on arrival do not apply to congress delegates and are available to business travelers only. Please note delays with the issuing of Visas are currently experienced.


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Yahaya Said (DANKANO)

What a union

It will be impressive and excited to attend this intensive program .

Is there any vacant for Students ?


    Yes please, we are happy to have students join us and it will certainly be a good opportunity to be mentored. Students can also be great advocates for the care of brain tumor patients. Though the meeting will be somewhat academic, Students should be able to pick important nuggets. We could offer you free registration. Just RSVP on the website.


Brain tumor is a call for concern in Cameroon as so many factors still exist that limits early diagnosis and even treatment of this health issue.


Brain Tumors and other Cancers is a public health issue in Cameroon with socio-cultural cultural barriers and cost of diagnosis and care amongst others being major hinderance to early diagnosis and care. This forum will be ideal to share best practices and experiences on how to manage and care people suffer with brain tumors


Brain tumor is still a call for concern in Cameroon as many factors still make its early diagnosis and management inaccessible/difficult.

    Elisabeth Obara

    Dear Egbe Derick Agbor
    Do you carry out neuro oncology studies in Cameroon? I would be interested in hearing the progress or steps taking place right now over there
    Best Regards,

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The meeting ended with a SNOSSA business meeting, where the Society’s Constitution was adopted and an Executive Council  – to be led by Dr James Balogun – elected. Two patient advocates were elected to the Executive Council: Bonita Suckling of Rainbows and Smiles in South Africa and Irene Azong-Wara of Jacob’s Hope Foundation in Cameroon. The hosting for the 2019 SNOSSA meeting was awarded to Cape Town, South Africa with Professor Alan Davidson as the conference chair.


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